To get the most out of your grocery credit card, you need to figure out what type of shopper you are and decide on the credit card that best fits your needs.

What Type of Grocery Shopper Are You?

Everyone buys groceries. If you aren’t buying a lot of them on a regular basis, then you probably shop primarily online or at one big-box store that serves most of your needs. If you’re a really frequent shopper, you may even have some generic stores nearby that you shop regularly. So if you do most of your grocery shopping at a traditional supermarket, you need a store card. But you also need a credit card that isn’t totally about getting you cash back on the store purchases you make. The Balance Transfer Credit Cards That Are Right for You Balance transfer credit cards, sometimes known as store cards, were made to help consumers manage credit card debt and pay it off faster.

The Best Grocery Credit Cards for You

Here are seven credit cards for the serious foodie. [Read: The Best Rewards Credit Cards.] Outback Steakhouse To make it through the supermarket, you have to pick up something, so why not pay for it with a credit card that rewards you for eating out? You get 2 percent cash back at many grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and pharmacies. A 3 percent reward at grocery stores makes you earn $.11 for every $1 you spend. But there are a few restrictions. The 2 percent cash back is only offered at supermarkets that accept this card. The cash back offers are seasonal — at stores and restaurants that accept the rewards offer. This card doesn’t earn 3 percent on gasoline. However, if you go to Costco, you can earn 4 percent cash back.

How to Make the Most of Your Credit Card for Groceries

When you’re a credit card shopper, you’re probably always on the hunt for the best credit cards that can help you maximize rewards and save money. But let’s face it — shopping for groceries can be a chore, which is why it’s hard to think about doing it with a credit card. It’s really a downer. So, why even bother? For starters, let’s remember that shopping for groceries isn’t as bad as you think it is. Unless you have a sudden epiphany that the best time to buy your ingredients is on Sunday night while watching the Sunday football games, or because you’re not willing to compromise on your favorite foods, you will probably be successful in your grocery shopping. Make no mistake: you’re doing it for a good reason.


The best credit cards for groceries are those that you’ll use a lot. If you’re a large retailer, like Whole Foods or Walmart, you’re probably going to want a credit card that’s attractive to business owners with rewards, points, and perks. For you to get the best rewards and perks, you need to be a repeat customer. For others, a small, regional grocery store owner, or an online retailer like Amazon or Shopify may want a card that lets you pay with a phone. Some of these cards are called mobile wallets, and they connect to your bank account so you can use the card at the checkout. Finally, if you’re a repeat customer at a store, you’re likely to receive a discount on your groceries just for having the card.

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