Welcome friends, In this article I’ll show you how you can make $10 in just 5 minutes with this super easy make money online method over and over again, worldwide. Yes, it’s worldwide available and absolutely free, So without further ado let’s jump right into it.

Use this website to make money online

So the first website that we are gonna use to make $10.25 is playerup.com. This website is pretty legit. And does pay its users. I have done all the research already, And I have using this website for several months. And I am very happy with the results.

Playerup.com is a very popular website among many niche and gamers worldwide. The website is out there since 2007 and has monthly traffic of over 1M.

make money online

Playerup.com is a platform where you can buy, resell and trade video games accounts and all that stuff. It is a very secure site for these types of transactions. There are lots of different digital services that you can provide on this website.

On the homepage, you can see all the offers about selling video game accounts. Now you’re not going to sell any of these accounts. You can if you want to. but this article is not about selling video game articles.

We’re gonna do something more simple. Something simple where you don’t have to waste a lot of your energy and make money easily using this platform.

Create an Account

Now the next step is to create an account on this website. Click on the signup button in the right corner.

Enter your email address or you can use other signup options such as log in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or steam. I am using my email address.

Make money online

Now fill in all the information on the signup form that is required. such as name, password, any location. > click on the I am not a robot and verify yourself. > Checkbox the I agree to the terms and conditions. And click the signup button.

Choose Marketplace

Now ones you log in, go to the homepage and scroll down. to the end of the mail marketplace section. Click open the last card that says “All other games/Marketplaces”

Click on All other games/Marketplace

Here you can see they have lots of lots of games and services which you can offer your’s favorite. So, in this article, we are focusing on Instagram, yes Instagram.

So go ahead and click on the “I” button from the alphabet options above. And click on the Instagram option from the list that appeared. On Instagram, Accounts buy sell trade page as you can see there are a number of services you can offer related to Instagram.

There are few options such as you can trade actual Instagram accounts, Comments, Likes, Mentions, Views, followers and OG usernames, etc.

I will explain everything how you can use this strategy in a really really simple way, and make money with it. And you can actually turn this into a legit and long-term online money-making business.

There are a lot of people who are actually doing this full-time so it’s a great strategy to make money online. I’m gonna be giving you some nice tips and tricks So read very carefully and so not skip.

Basically among all the services mentioned, we are mainly gonna be focusing on Instagram followers. And the most important part is you will not have to provide a service yourself.

You will not have to follow and unfollow people or create different accounts or anything like that but you’re gonna trade them in a very very simple and fast way.

Because it will literally take less than a minute to make 10 dollars over and over again. Now just click on this Instagram followers buy sell and trade card and that will take you over to the next page.

On this page you can see all the people are providing tons of different services for Instagram followers, Instagram likes, and basically the engagement for the Instagram platform.

Some of them are selling like 1,000 Instagram followers high-quality service for $4. And some of them are actually selling 10000 Instagram followers for like $20.

And this is actually a very very cheap deal, You can google for Instagram followers and check some of the websites that will pop up. and they are so much expensive than what the people offering on playerup.com.

So how is this possible? how you can sell Instagram followers that cheap and still make money out of it. Well, that’s what I am gonna show you today.

There are other ways where you can find Instagram followers way cheaper and instant.

And you have to focus to get the followers instant because the demand is really really high nowadays. A lot of people are looking for Instagram followers and many people are actually buying instant followers every single day.

People don’t want to build the Instagram pages by themselves they want a shortcut and they will buy followers over and over again to make them insta-famous really really quick.

So that’s why people are buying these services and there’s a lot of people actually using these services.

You make your own research on this, As you can see on the opened page there are lots of users selling this service and they have a ton of reviews, Which means they have got a lot of orders for themselves, making a ton of money.

Because you know not everyone will leave a review and so definitely there’s a lot of money they have made with this strategy. So now let’s focus on how you can make money with this.

We want to offer a similar service on this Instagram followers page. And I will show you where you can get those followers for way cheaper and then resell them and make some nice profit out of it.

Post your listing

Okay, we have this open and now you want to click on this post new listing button on the top right corner. This will take you to the form where you can create your listing for this particular service.

On the open for ad the title in the thread title section, I am just putting a title as “2K Instagram followers, Instant start, Nonprofit Service

You can create your own title or you can use the same one as mine. Just take a minute and see what other peoples are offering. So that you can make a nice offer.

Now, You can write something about the offer in the description box below the title. this is optional so you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. but putting the description is always a good idea.

Now next step is to select how many followers you’re gonna offer. So select them in the follower’s section. I am offering 2000 You can make your own offer. And the delivery time will be 1 -24 hours. Now once we have that set It’s time to put the price for the service/thread we are offering. We will set a price in a couple of seconds

Now it’s time to show you where you can find way cheaper Instagram followers and then resell them on this website playerup.com

Find cheaper Instagram Followers to sell on playerup

How you can actually find those Instagram followers for really really cheap? Let’s find out.
Open a new tab and search for the SMM panel on google. SMM panel is basically like the supplier for the social media stuff. there are lots of results on google for this query. you can pick any of those. I am just gonna pick the first one for me i.e justanotherpanel.com

SMM Panel

It is basically a portal where you can buy basically any type of digital thing such as followers, traffic, likes all sorts of things. Where you can purchase these followers or likes and resell them on playerup.com. for now, we are just gonna focusing on Instagram followers for now.

Click on the signup button if you haven’t already. And complete the signup process. Basically just fill out the information needed like, name, email, password, etc.

Once you sign up / login in click on the services option from the menu. that will take you to the magical page where all sort of services is mentioned related to all sorts of social media.

Scroll down to the Instagram followers. Where you can see lots of Instagram followers options. Some might be selling 1000 followers for $0.55. some for $1 or 2.

So, as you can see on the above image that the 3746 listings if offering 5k followers for $1.35/1000 followers, i.e $6.75 for 5k Instagram followers. It’s a pretty deal right?

So you can buy these 5k followers here And then sell those followers for like $16.75 on the website playerup.com. that way you will be making $10.

You can actually buy here over 100,000 followers on this website and then you can resell them maybe like 600 or 700 dollars and you can definitely make some money with this strategy.

Of course, start with a low amount like $1 or $2 then goes for bigger fish ones you get the confidence. You should never through all of your money into something you’re gonna try for the first time.

Now, of course, you can sell all other services other than followers like insta likes, comments, and all the stuff they are offering on the SMM panel. make money by selling them on playerup.com

So, back to playerup.com to complete your listing. Just put the price in the price section and create your listing/thread by clicking on the button that says Create a thread.

now ones you get an order for your thread all you have to do is go to the SMM panel website and purchase those followers for the Instagram username you got within your order. let’s say you’re selling 5000 followers for $17 and you will get the same amount of followers for $7 on the SMM panel. you’re making a $10 profit for yourself. In just less than 5 minutes. So it’s really really simple and this has huge business potential.


Everyone today wants to get popular or viral on social media platforms. And to become more popular you need to have a decent amount of followers. Playerup is one of the best platforms to achieve those goals easily. And you could be the one to provide those services and help users to become more popular on the social media platform. While still making a decent amount of money.

You can use this method to generate some passive income on regular basis. It is super easy. And you should definitely try it out.

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