earn 3$ per video watching video online

one after another we all spend the majority of our free time watching different videos and many of us feel like it’s a waste of time and maybe you should be doing something else. Well, last week I actually did some research, and I came across one new website that actually pays you to watch free videos online.  So in this article, I’ll explain step by step how you can earn $700 watching videos online.

Earn Money Watching Videos Online

So now you don’t have to feel guilty about spending hours on your phone or computer watching those videos. Since you will be get paid for doing that. That means it’s not a waste of time. In fact, you can get paid up to $3 for every video you’ll watch.

make money online watching videos

That means you can watch 10 videos and earn up to $30, 100 videos that are $300, and so on and so forth. So from today, you can be laying in your bed watching videos and making money for absolutely free.

You can be one of the first to use it and that way of course make the most money out of it. Now, let’s understand why should you use this website! On this website, you can actually choose your preference for videos only hand-picked just for you.

So you will tell them about the topics that you’re interested in, whether that’s football, fishing, gaming, cooking, whatever you’re interested in whatever you’re passionate about. And they will be sending you only those types of videos to watch. So they won’t be sending you anything that you’re not interested in and you will not have to watch those boring videos.

How you can make money?

So, there are two ways this website allows you to make money online. And both the ways are very easy and simple. In fact, I am going to show how you can earn more money using the second method that this website offers. So let’s discuss them and understand how you can earn money online.

watch videos earn money

By watching videos online.

You will get rewarded for every single video you will watch. You will earn a minimum of 50 cents and up to $3 dollars per video. once again 10 videos can be up to 30 dollars, 100 videos can be up to 300 dollars, and you can do it again and again for basically unlimited times.

Because there will be new videos coming in every single day. Once you sign up and set your preference you will receive a text from the website when it’s time for you to log in and watch those short videos. and make money. You can log in daily and just watch videos hand-picked just for you. And Boom you earned real money.

And if you think about it you don’t have to actually actively watch the video you can just click the play button do something else and still get paid.

And at the end, they have an additional way for you to make money online with this website

By referring other people to this website.

Yes, you can generate additional income by referring friends and people. Who is interested in making money online. And you can earn an additional $1 for every single user that you refer to this website.

Once you create an account on this website, you will be able to grab your referral link. And you can share it with friends and family and tell them, “hey guys you can make some extra money with this website just by watching videos”.

Who doesn’t need some extra cash? A lot of them will be thankful and a lot of them will sign up. And once they start making money you will receive one dollar for every referral.

Now to maximize your results you can even share your referral link in different Facebook groups. Like on Facebook, you can find thousands of different groups related to making money online. And online businesses and those groups have hundreds of thousands of members.

You can join them and just tell other people. “hey I found a website that pays really really well for watching videos. It’s absolutely free you can sign up through my link”.  And just leave your referral link over there that way you can attract hundreds of people which can end up being a lot of money in referral earnings.

You can sometimes make even more money from referring other people to the website, than actually by watching videos. But even if you want to focus only on watching videos it’s still okay. You can still make a decent amount of money because as they’re paying up to three dollars per video interaction.


How can you cash out?

The really good thing about this website is that you don’t have to wait to get hundreds of dollars to cash out. You just need to reach $10 and you can cash out.

$10 can be three or four different videos to watch and you can withdraw your money, and spend it on whatever you want. There are no catch gimmicks or confusing point systems it’s real cash.

That means you won’t be earning any points or gift cards or whatsoever. The website will be paying you in straight cold cash. Which you can spend on any website you want to or wherever you want to.

They paid out over 1 million dollars to their members. So there’s a lot of money to be made on this website and that’s just for their first 12 months. It’s a new website that not a lot of people know about. So it’s the right time to jump on it and take advantage of the early access.

The website offers three different ways to get paid. You can choose whichever is best for you. You can either transfer the amount to your bank. It supports worldwide. You can either get Amazon gift cards. or you can choose a donation.

Where can you make money by watching videos online?

Now this website’s name is adWallet this is over at adwallet.com their slogan is paid attention. You are being paid for your full attention.


If you’re wondering why they would actually pay you for watching those absolutely free videos is because huge companies will pay for this website. So they will pay this website to show you ads to show you those videos. And then this website will just split the revenue with their users.

They believe your full attention is worth something, So they believe that you shouldn’t be wasting time watching videos, but you will actually get paid for doing that.

Brands want your attention. So those brands and those companies are paying for your attention they are paying you to watch their ads.

And you can of course only watch those videos that you are interested in. You don’t have to watch boring ads that you are not interested in at all.

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