how to get a phone pe loan

Phone pe is one of the popular digital payment app in India. In this article we’ll check how you can get an Instant Phone Peloan at 0% Interest rate.

Phone Pe provides online payment solutions in India. Such as Online rechrge, Bill pay & Sending money, Order meal online, or medicience etc. as you all might know. Phone Pe provides a very convenient way of using or handling online payment or transactions than the rest.

In a Nutshell
PhonePe is an Indian digital payments and financial services app for all digital payment solution. Pay bills, recharge, send money, buy gold, invest and shop at your favourite stores. · Pay whenever you like, wherever you like.

how to get a phone pe loan

What you need to know about the Phone Pe app

Phone Pe is an Indian app Headquatered in Bangalore, India. The company was Founded in 2015 and the Payment interface is live in India since 2016. And the Parent company is Flipkart

The app has more than one hundred million downloads on Google play store alone. Which is a huge number.

Phone Pe is aSimple, Fast and Secure digital payment solution provider app. Using you can Transfer money with easy, Make online payments, Pay bills, Shop online, And even get exciting rewards for doing these online transactions.

Phone pe has more than 20 Million partnerships with Stores, apps, Websites & more All over India.

So, Let’s discuss how you can get an Instant loan using Phone Pe app at The lowest 0% Interest rate.

How to get a Instant Phone Pe Loan?

First of all, Phone pay doesn’t directly provide any kind of loan. Yes, You can not get a loan directly using Phone pe app.

So how does it work?
Well, As we know Flipkart is a Parent company of a Phone Pe. And using flipkart and Phone pe both you can get the loan here. how? Let’s discuss that

Flipkart offer a service called Flipkart pay later. Using this service you can shop on flipkart and pay next month. Flipkart offers this service with Phone pe since its the flipkarts company. And using this same service you can get a “Loan” in Phone pe as well.

How much loan you can get from Phone Pe?

Flipkart pe later offers and instant credit of up tp Rs 10,000. The amount will be get credited in to your phone account. And you can use this amount for any kind of transactions.

Such s recharge online, Shop on flipkart or online store. etc. The only thing is you can not transfer this amount into your bank account.

What is the Repayment Period for Phone Pe Loan?

You get the 35 days of credit for the amount you get from Flipkart into you phone pe account.

How much interest will be applicable phone pe Loan?

This is amazing. For using this “Loan” there will be o interest rate application for the first 35 days. That means the loan will be granted to you at 0% interest rate.

How to process a Phone Pe Loan?

So as we discussed above you need two apps to get this loan into your phone Pe account. I.e. ofcorse Phone pe itself and Flipkart. Let’s follow the process along.

1. Download the Phone Pe App
Download the Phone pe app if you haven’t. The app is available for both Android & IOS devices.

2. Signup with your phone number
Once you download the Phone pe app, Sign-up using your mobile number. And connect you bank account and setup the UPI.

3. Download Flipkart App
The second app you are gonna need is the Flipkart app. Yuo can also use the flipkart website is you want.

4. Create account on Flipkart.
Once you download the flipkart app signup and register your account using the same mobile number you used for your Phone Pe app.

5.Register for Flipkart Pay Later
Once you create an account on Flipkart. Next step is to register for the Flipkart pay later service. The service that will allow you the credit.

6. Upload the required documents
You need to upload the required documents to register for flipkart pay later service. Such as your Adhar card and Pan card.

7. Verify you aadhar with OTP
Once you upload the documents required you need to verify you aadhr number with OTP. It’s simple process, you’ll just receive an OTP to your registered mobile number which is linked with your aadhar cart.

8. Verify Bank Details
Once the aadhar is veried now you need to verify your bank details.

9.Get phoe pe Loan
Once you done this simple process you’ll get the amount based on your eligibility. which will be available into your phone pe account. You can check the amount in to “My Money” section in Phone pe app.

Who the Phone Pe loan is good for?

Mainly this loan or credit amount is granted for the quick and hustle free shopping on flipkart and other partnered platforms by flipkart such as myntra.

You can mainly use this amount for quick shopping and the later basis. since the amount is in you phone pe account. You can also use it for you bill pay and recharges.

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