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Welcome to your favorite Online Money Making blog. In this article we are going to talk about the single app using you can make $600+ online income daily. So just grab your phone because that’s all you need to make hundreds of dollars every single day. This app is worldwide available and it’s available for both ios and android.

And don’t worry this won’t be any of those apps that pay you like once in a year or but actually if you follow each and every step from this article. You will be able to keep making hundreds of dollars every single day. And have some income to rely on just from your phone. So read this article carefully and follow this post step by step. So you can then lay down in your bed enjoy the app and make money online.

I found this strategy a few days ago, So I gave it a try and it turns out to be the perfect one. I am able to generate income from this method for the past 4 days now, And I am getting paid daily. And now it’s time to share this method with you guys so that you can too make money online from your home.

okay so let’s start. Here’s the big reveal. The only app you need today is Instagram. Yes! Instagram, but don’t worry you will not have to sell anything on Instagram, neither you will be doing affiliate marketing. It’s different and way easier.

All you need to do is sign up to Instagram and start following a bunch of people, and then collect your earnings from the website which I’m about to share with you inside of this article.

And now I will explain to you step by step how this works and how to set it up this daily money making method for yourself starting with step number one

Create an Instagram Account

Step number one is to create a brand new Instagram account. Once again don’t worry you will not have to promote anything on your account or sell anything on your account.

Basically, just install the Instagram app on your smartphone device. You probably have it installed already. if you don’t just click on the button below and install it on your phone.

make money online step 1

Once you install the app just sign up it’s really easy and I guess you already know how to do that.

So that was the first step just sign up to Instagram go to Instagram and sign up for absolutely free. Just signup using your email address or mobile number. If you already have an email address used up. Simply create one on Gmail and use that email address to create an account for Instagram.


Select a niche

Step number two is to select the niche. Once the signup process is done it’s time to pick a niche for your Instagram account. You just need to pick any niche you like. That can be a sports niche, football niche, motivation quotes niche, nature, animals, couples, kids, or whatever you like.

for the sake of this article, I will be using the baby niche, and trust me it really doesn’t matter which one you choose since we are not promoting anything. Once you think of some niche just change your username to something that aligns with the niche you selected. For example, since I’m in the baby niche I can say cutestbabyfeeds or something like that whatever is available

You can of course choose any username you like if you’re in a sports niche you could do maybe like fitness king or fitness queen or ultimate football fan or whatever you like. so that was step number two pretty simple stuff just sign up to Instagram and choose your niche, set username according to the niche.

Find content For your account

Step number three: I hope you have completed the previous two steps because we are moving onto step number three. Step number three is to search for your niche on Instagram.

So as you can see it’s getting a lot easier and easier. And I think this is one of the easiest ways to make money online as a complete beginner. You know this is for newbies basically anyone can do this.

earn online money

Just look up your niche if you’re in the business news search for a business or making money. if you’re in a basketball niche search for basketball if your page is a meme page search for memes. In my case, I will search for baby photography and that will give me millions of different posts so you can see all of those posts about babies.

That is basically lovely I really like them once you search for your niche just leave it like that for a moment step number four now you want to download a couple of those posts

So pick something you like to copy its URL there’s an option to do so on your phone. They’re going to be like three dots on the right-hand side and then you can go to or use any smartphone app you like.

earn passive income online

Paste that post URL here and download it to your computer or your phone. Repeat the same until you have five to ten different posts on your phone or computer.

Insta Downloader is free to use and you don’t even need to sign up. So it’s really easy and it goes pretty fast so go out there complete this task, go to Instagram download like five to ten posts.

Post Content to your Instagram

And we will continue to the next step. Now just re-upload those posts you download on your own page. I think only all of you guys know how to do that just click on the plus icon at the bottom of the app and just click on the post you previously downloaded.

Ad something to the description or you can copy the same as the original post content from where you downloaded it. And make sure to credit the page owner you downloaded from. so you won’t have any issues. so just credit them in your description of the post.

Now post all of that like five to ten different posts. At least you want to have like five to ten posts on your page the more the better. Before we go to that website where we will actually collect our profits. And where we will make money from this page.

So your job for the next two minutes is to just upload five to ten posts and credit the owner. you can say like this photo was taken by and then mentioned the page id along with the @ sign.

It’s still pretty easy stuff no tech skills needed for this no experience needed this for this even if you never made any money online yet you can still follow along and complete these simple steps

Increase Followers to your Instagram Page

As soon as you complete the previous step, we will continue to step number five. Step number five is, once you have all those posts up on your page, All you need to do is search for niche once again and find some page similar to your same page that’s in the same niche.

Once you search for your niche this time just open some page that’s similar to yours. And here starts the real magic. You want to go to their followers and you want to start following each and every person that follows them. And you will see why, and how that will make you money with that other website.

Follow as many people as you can, and eventually, some of them will follow back. since we are very similar to the page they are following and by doing that You will gain real followers on-page real targeted followers.

instagram money making online

Do follow all the people for like until you have at least 200 to 300 followers. As you can see it’s pretty easy and it requires no previous knowledge just follow a bunch of people and they should follow back.

There and follow targeted people under until they start following you back and until you gain some followers it may take some time Instagram may block the action for a couple of hours. So be aware of that if you follow too many people For at least 10 minutes if you follow like 1 000 people in 10 minutes then they’re obviously going to follow that action.

So be careful over there but don’t worry because it will pay off and you’re not gonna be blocked forever it might they might block it for like a couple of hours. if that happens and at the end of the day you’re at home playing around on your phone and making money.

Make money

So be grateful for that, and speaking of money let me show you the final step. And that external website where you can actually make money once you have enough followers.

Okay, So this is the final step and the website that we are going to use that will actually make you money is called a This website is the Instagram account marketplace, Where you can buy and sell Instagram accounts. And here people selling their accounts at very different rates.

best money making platform

But the average price for like a few thousand followers, accounts is around $100 of course you have different prices and different amounts of followers but that’s the average number.

And it can literally take you just a few hours to build that type of account and by doing so you can sell one account every day and make it list $100, even more, a day just with your phone. And if you have even more free time then feel free to build multiple of those accounts, every single day and make hundreds of dollars per day

You saw that it was super easy if you follow the steps from this article just create an account, repost some photos, so people would have an incentive to follow you back, start following people from your niche, and from similar pages, and sell your account on social tradia.

Here the best part is that this can be done by anyone from anywhere in the world. Whoever has access to the internet and it’s all absolutely free no investment either. So once again anyone can do this.

So how do you sell your account here well you simply come over to the home page you click here where it says sell. So it’s pretty simple you enter your account username.

Enter your Instagram account username, select the category in which your Instagram account is. And there’s some basic stuff about your page like how many followers it has, how many likes you get, proposed how many views, etc,

And then just select your payment option, how would you like to collect your money and that’s it. That’s why I said this might be one of the easiest ways to make money online so far.

you need no website, you need no money to invest, you need no previous experience, all you need to do is follow the steps and take action, And make money online using your phone Using the easiest simplest app you probably use daily.

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