Searching for a way to make money online? Well, I have found a perfect way for you to make money online while listening to music. Yes! Now you can make money all day long by listening to music online.

This a very fresh method to making money this way. And it works just perfectly. And this is not any of those scammy websites you might have seen before. This is a legit method. And you don’t need a Spotify account, You don’t need any followers, and it’s all absolutely free.

So as long as you like the music you can do this with no problem. Now here’s what you will need in order to make around $300 to $400 a day by listening to music. And if you don’t have at least one of these, then this will not work for you. So here’s what you will need this method to work.

  1. Wi-fi or internet connection
  2. At least one healthy ear so you can hear the music and
  3. Laptop or computer or smartphone device

so If you have these three main ingredients you are just an article away from making money by listening to music.


let’s start with a step-by-step tutorial so in a nutshell here’s how it works basically you come over to this website you click to listen right here that open up opens up another page

you click play and then you will need to listen to the song for example, in this case, it’s going to be 21 seconds so i need to listen to this song for 21 seconds

and after that’s done as you can see to successfully complete the challenge please click on the repeated mirrored image so in this case, it’s going to be this one because there are a few of these

so click on that one and I’ve earned some points or credits and now I’m going to show you step by step how to set this up and exactly how you can redeem those points for real cash

how you can exchange those points for real money okay so this tutorial is going to be divided into really easy actionable steps which you can follow there can probably be like three to four different steps

1. Create an Account at like4like

let’s start with step number one. In this step, we are going to create an account on the website called is just another social media exchange marketplace platform. Where you can exchange Facebook likes, Twitter followers, you know like or like, follow for following, comment for the comment. Everything that is related to social media. But that’s not what we want right?

make money online by listening to music

We’re going to use this marketplace to listen to music and earn some passive income doing so. For listening to the music this platform will offer us points. and we will convert those points into real money.

And to withdraw the money you can choose any payment option you prefer. I personally use PayPal, but you can use anything you like. Anyways, So first step is to come over to and then just click a register button to create an account.

A simple form will open, just fill in the information that is needed. Such as a unique username, Then you will create a password, retype that same password. Then enter your email address, retype the same email address. Click on I agree to terms and conditions. You can read those terms here.

Then click on I’m not a robot section. And now just hit submit and then they will send you a verification email. You will just open up your email click on the verification code. And you will be able to log into your account.

2. Earn credit points

Once you log into your account the step is gonna be listening to the music. Like4like is a very simple platform as I mentioned above the platform offers social media likes, followers, comments, and much more for exchange of the same. How this platform works is You can visit the website and like, comment, follow, or tweet to other peoples account or post. and you earn points for doing that.

And then you can use those points too, you can redeem those points you earn to increase your followers, or comments, or retweets, etc. It’s very simple. But we are here to listen to the music and earn some points. And we will turn those points into real money.

To do so just log into your account, And hover your mouse on the social media exchange button on the menu above. And from the list appeared to select the best way and the easiest way to earn i.e. Soundcloud listening.

That opens up this page where we can listen to SoundCloud music and earn points. The page should look like the image sown below.

To earn points click on the sound cloud icon on the page. and the new window will open containing the musing that we are going to listen to. to earn points we have to listen to music for 21 seconds. And after 21 seconds the website will ask you to click on the mirrored image so you just need to click on a mirrored image.

Now please note that while listening to the music you can not click outside of the window. Doing so will stop the counter but the music will keep playing.

Once you listen to the music for 21 seconds the timer will end and it will ask you to click on the mirrored image. You just click on the image and once it’s confirmed the points will be credited in your account. And you can close the window.

Once you do that the next music button will be ready to listen and so on so forth. When you listen to all the music options available just refresh the page and that will load new links and that’s going to give you more songs to listen to. And the more songs you listen to the more credits you will earn and the more credits you earn the more money you will make.

Convert the points into Real Money

So go there and complete step number two. And we will jump straight into step number three. This is also gonna be our last step for this tutorial making money and converting those points into real money.

The strategy works this way. As you know On the like4like website you can earn points by listening to music. Or by any other method like watching Youtube videos, liking on Facebook, and following on Instagram. But since we are talking about listening to music let’s stick to it. So the catch is you can earn points for doing simple tasks on

But you can also convert those points into Instagram followers. And here’s what you can do since you can convert those credits into Instagram followers. And that’s how you can make money. You can use those earned points and increase the number of followers on Instagram. You can use your own instagram page of course, but since we are talking about making money out of it. we can also increase followers for other people’s Instagram account.

And since we can do that, we can increase other people’s Instagram followers. those people are willing to pay us for increasing their Instagram followers. and you make money. Pretty simple right? To do so, follow the simple steps below

Log on to

You can go over to is a marketplace where you can buy sell and trade social media accounts, different games, and social media engagement, That means Facebook likes, Facebook comments, Instagram followers, Instagram likes, and so on. Here you can sell Instagram followers. is a very popular website among many niche and gamers worldwide. The website is out there since 2007 and has monthly traffic of over 1M. is a platform where you can buy, resell and trade video games accounts and all that stuff. It is a very secure site for these types of transactions. There are lots of different digital services that you can provide on this website.

On the homepage, you can see all the offers about selling video game accounts. Now you’re not going to sell any of these accounts. You can if you want to. but this article is not about selling video game articles.

We’re gonna do something more simple. Something simple where you don’t have to waste a lot of your energy and make money easily using this platform.

Now the next step is to create an account on this website. Click on the signup button in the right corner.

Enter your email address or you can use other signup options such as log in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or steam. I am using my email address.

Now fill in all the information on the signup form that is required. such as name, password, any location. > click on the I am not a robot and verify yourself. > Checkbox the I agree to the terms and conditions. And click the signup button.

Create a Gig to Sell Instagram Followers

Once you create your account successfully and login in, go to the homepage and scroll down. to the end of the main marketplace section. Click open the last card that says “All other games/Marketplaces

Click on All other games/Marketplace

Here you can see they have lots of lots of games and services which you can offer your’s favorite. So, in this article, we are focusing on Instagram, yes Instagram.

So go ahead and click on the “I” button from the alphabet options above. And click on the Instagram option from the list that appeared. On Instagram, Accounts buy sell trade page as you can see there are a number of services you can offer related to Instagram.

Then you will just click on Instagram and now as you can see you can sell Instagram comments. You can sell Instagram followers. Maybe Instagram likes but let’s focus on Instagram followers for now. So you can click on the option of Instagram followers. which will take you to this page.

On that page, you can see People are selling a different amount of Instagram followers. for example 10000 followers for 30 dollars, that’s really really cheap. Or maybe let’s start with uh 100 real followers for $2.

You can find peoples selling 100 followers for two dollars on this page. So basically you can sell Instagram followers here depending on how many credit points you have in your like4like account. You can earn points on like4like and use those points to sell Instagram followers on playerup.

So check how many credits you have in your like4like account. And go to “Add and manage pages”. Where you can add your Instagram page URL to which you want to get more followers. To do so select Instagram followers from the option.



Here you can select how much credit point you want to spend on Instagram followers. You choose that I use 2 to 5 you can choose whatever you like. and then determine how many credit points you have in your account. And according to those how many followers you can acquire.

Now go back to the Playerup and create a sell offer by clicking on “Post a new listening”. fill the form create your offer. And once you get an order the user will provide you the Instagram account username or URL. You take that URL and go to the like4lke and exchange your credits to increase followers to the Instagram page you just got from your order.

Simple right? Well, I can understand this might sound confusing but read the steps carefully and once you understand it it’s the simplest way to make money.


So in simple words, You create an account on You listen to SoundCloud music and earn credit points for doing that. And those points you can exchange later to increase Instagram followers.

And offers a social media sell/trade platform where you can sell Instagram followers. So now all you have to do is signup to playerup. and put Instagram followers sell offers for example like 100 followers for $2. And once you get an order the user will provides you the username of an Instagram account.

You take that username to go to the lik4like where you earned credits points for listening to the music. Now you exchange those credit points to increase the Instagram followers to the account you just got a username from your order on player up.

And just click on add URL and that’s it. Now people from like4like will start following this account. So your customer is getting followers, they paid you and you’re just gonna lose these credits.

Because all those credits are gonna go to those followers. So that’s how you’re exchanging those credits and those points for money and you can use any payment option you prefer.

I personally use PayPal but you can use any payment option you prefer. And just tell them like hey pay me via stripe or pay me via credit card whatever you want.

So once again to summarize a like for like dot org is a social media engagement exchange marketplace where you can come over you can listen to different songs you can that way you will earn credits

And you can then exchange those credits for example for Instagram followers and you can sell those Instagram followers on and that way you are making money just by listening to music

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